Friday 15 April 2011

My three months artist in residence at Camac,France 2009

My three months artist in residence at Camac, France 2009

One of best days of my life with such a wonderful life time friends met in France. Residency at Camac in Marnay -sur-seine was a learning experience in every way from art to cultural differences.I had never been stayed for such long time three months away from home in my life and this was the first time i had to live where almost everything was different and so disciplined in terms of life styles ,eating habits and working conditions all night till morning. But i found no difficulties, no differences in any condition it was just heaven for me. Very calm and pleasant place and people were so nice and cooperative which is rare to find in India also. 

I remember once i was coming back from Paris to Camac and waiting at Nogent -sur seine station which is about 10 kms from Camac. I was shocked when i came out of station saw heavy snow and roads were blocked, there was no taxi and no bus and an old gentleman saw me tensed and asked for lift. I am very thankful to him he dropped me by his car though he had come out of his way. 

It's about our vibrations and positivity i guess which makes us feel comfortable and i always carry that in me. Although we are not God who can judge who is good or bad and we should see ourself first and that's what i always try to do. 

People with nice heart and friends with lots love made my 90 days one of my golden days of life, i still feel like going back again and again spend some more golden unforgettable  days out there. I am proud to say that i fell in love with citizens of France, Camac and friends.I must say that residency at Camac was so productive which i could not believe when i came back home and saw one of my best works created during that time. Camac is surrounded by so much natural landscapes and a small river, the 12th century building itself inspired me a lot to think go back to past. After this i decided to study some drawings of Leonardo da vinci and Micheal Angelo to feel the Europe. Influences can seen in this series due to place. It's very true places inspires a lot and energizes too. I have always wanted to travel to get inspirations for my work.

A very dear friend Mayra and Talita

The best Madam Pulain

Very cooperative friend Jean -Yeves 

My best friend Vini, Late Vera, loving Mayra

One of my dearest friend from Seattle Lovely Liz

Louvre ,Paris 

Me in a Church in Florence, Italy

Me at Dumo, Milan , Italy 

Me under Leonardo's sculpture in Milan, Italy

Me at Dumo, Milan , Italy 

Marnay-sur seine at midnight with friends

Me at Camac

Me at Camac

Me at Camac

Nogent -sur-seine near Marnay. We used to go for shopping or bike ride which is 8 kms from Marnay and one hour from Paris

 Beautiful landscape of  Nogent -sur-seine

Nogent -sur-seine

Me at a coffee shop in Nogent -sur-seine 

My friend Arunanshu and me in Paris

Louvre, Paris



Louvre, Paris

Having fun at opening of a show at Camac's art gallery
Grace,Vini,Martin,Talita and Mayra

Having fun at opening of a show at Camac's art gallery
Grace,Vini,Amitesh,Little talita,Mayra and big Talita

Mayra, Luciano and Talita

Martin, Vini and Talita

Me and Luciano

Works done during residency in France 2009 :

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