Tuesday 19 April 2011

Can Mr.Obama own a palace like former Indian telecom minister A.Raja owns ?

Think Before You Vote!! 
Don't be shocked! This palace is in India belongs to our most corrupted former Indian
telecom minister who is in jail these days for fraud that cost the nation up to $40 billion 
(Rs.176,000 crore) in lost revenues.He is not the only one fraud that nation is facing now
days there are thousands like him, It’s very unfortunate for citizens of this country.

Who says Indians are not rich ! Can Mr.Obama own a palace like this the way our
minister’s live in this country? No, nobody would like to do that if they love their nation.
We always talk about our Indian culture, traditions and values, how many of these kind of 
people think even 10% for their nation! Love for nation shows only in Cricket in this country
when India beats Pakistan..

The land which was used to build this palace for A.Raja is in  more than 100 acres, sources say.
If you visit to villages of this country see poor people, am sure you will have tears in eyes
and will be so disappointed to see poverty. Poor children without cloths and education work as
a servant at small shops, hardly get proper food to survive. Their mother's work as a maid servant 
to look after their kids and family. Richer are so rich and poorer are so poor in this country. 
The Swiss bank says, maximum money deposited in our bank it’s by Indians.

Raja, arrested with two senior telecom officials, is suspected of bending the rules to
favour certain companies that allegedly included Etisalat DB -- when it was called 
Swan Telecom -- in awarding 2G licences.

 Here i introduce to country's most respected Mr.A.Raja. we should vote for him to get 
'Bharat Ratna'
 for his contribution to nation

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