Tuesday 31 May 2011

An article from DNA 'after hrs' published in September 2008. This was the first time i was so nervous by a journalist !

This article was published in Mumbai’s DNA ‘after hrs’ in 2008 during my show. DNA and Times of India are Mumbai’s best English daily. I have been giving interviews to media since 2001 but this was the first time I was so nervous by a journalist  because she had emailed a bunch of questions which we usually find when media talks to big names . But honestly saying, I had never talked such a nice journalist called ‘Ismat Tahseen’ from DNA.  We talked more than 30 mints I think, she asked so many questions related to my work and on other topics too but she only wrote whatever was needed. I talked to her after I saw this interview and said, thanks so much for writing about art only. She replied me back and says “it was really nice talking to you and to know an artist point of view but I didn’t want to create any controversy”. I appreciated it lot.

I honestly answered her each questions with giving examples of few ‘Bollywood actors’ like 'Shah rukh Khan' who imitates 'Amitabh Bachhan' and few more big names when she asked me ‘whether I am inspired by Mr.M.F.Hussain or not ! Which is not true, I studied horses at race courses for more than 8 years and then jumped to paint on Canvas.

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